Motocross’ all-time greatest racer – Ricky Carmichael – is set to race TORC @ RedBud!

Posted on Friday, July 26, 2013
Rc RC will put his foot into the Monster Energy/Traxxas/Oakley PRO Lite truck on the same track
that he won 9 MX Nationals

BUCHANAN, Mich. (July 26, 2013) – Legendary motocross racer Ricky Carmichael will boot up at
RedBud MX one more time, but in an altogether different ride as he gets set to contest the PRO Lite
off-road truck racing division on the Traxxas TORC Series, presented by AMSOIL, stop at America’s
Motocross Track.

The Aug. 10-11 event, run on the RedBud motocross track and adjacent property features the world’s
top short course off-road truck racers. Familiar names include another motocross great from RedBud’
s yesteryear – Ricky “RJ” Johnson – along with Wisconsin’s Johnny Greaves and son CJ, west coast
great Rob MacCachren, former RedBud TORC winner Scott Douglas, the high-flying Jenkins brothers
– Mark and Mike – and Michigan’s own Chad Hord.

Carmichael will contest TORC’s PRO Lite class, more of an entry level-style truck to short course off-
road racing, but still capable of high speeds as well as handling similar jumps to the larger and more
powerful PRO 4x4 and 2WD trucks.

Basically back to square one in terms of racing, Carmichael’s record at RedBud puts him atop the
field of all the motocross greats in terms of wins – nine total (seven in the premier 250cc/450cc class
and two in the 125cc support class). Carmichael also ran the table at RedBud from 2001 to 2007,
winning an unprecedented seven consecutive premier class races. Following his retirement from
competition motocross in 2007, Carmichael raced the NASCAR Truck Series for a number of years
and was voted by the fans as the 2009 Most Popular Driver.

TORC got a chance to run a few questions past RC, get his opinion on strapping into a TORC PRO
Lite truck and running with the series’ top racers on the grounds where he got his deserved MX
nickname of the “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time).

TORC: RC, you're no stranger to truck racing. Do you see your inaugural venture into the TORC
Series as the ultimate combination of your NASCAR Truck Series racing and pro motocross?

RC: Yes, I really do. I have had some offers to do these before but I have always been busy and
consumed with other projects that didn't allow me to try it. So when this opportunity came a few
weeks ago and I was free I thought why not? And so I'm pumped and thankful and do think it the
perfect crossover from trucks in NASCAR and moto.

TORC: Nice. Talk a bit about how your background in motocross might help you in terms of line
selection, corner setup and identifying passing area – at speed - in racing the Monster
Energy/Traxxas/Oakley PRO Lite truck at your old stomping grounds at RedBud.

RC: Well, I think there's a lot that crosses over from moto to off road racing. First thing is that it's
the simple fact of racing and no matter what form of racing it might be it still is the same concept. I
think another thing that makes it similar to moto is that the track and dirt is always changing after
every lap and you’re always searching for the best lines and traction possible.

TORC: Dirt, elevation change and, in particular - jumps and berms - are going to drastically set the
TORC-style racing apart from NASCAR Trucks. That said, how do you feel your experience behind the
wheel of a NASCAR Truck will help you – if any - at RedBud?

RC: I'm not sure how much racing the NASCAR truck series will help me in the TORC PRO Lites
because it’s totally different. I anticipate starts, restarts and being bumper-to-bumper to be similar,
but other than that I can't see much similarity. But you know I could be totally wrong.

TORC: Coming to RedBud to race the TORC PRO Lites is no doubt going to bring out some
additional fans to the race. The fans at "RrrreedddBuuuddd" no doubt list you as one of their all-time
favorites. Talk a bit about what the fans at RedBud have meant to you over your motocross career.

RC: This decision was easy for me because of the history that I have at RedBud, regardless if it was
on two wheels. I really like the Ritchie's (RedBud owners Amy & Tim). They do a fantastic job and the
fans at RedBud are phenomenal.

TORC: You've won more often than not at RedBud. Understanding this, given your drive and high
expectations of yourself in anything competitive, have you set any goals in terms of results in your
first TORC effort?

RC: I have had a ton of success on two wheels at RedBud, no doubt. But let there be no mistake about
it; I will be racing something entirely new to me against a bunch of great drivers that I have respect
for. With that said, I want to go there with the expectations to have fun and just simply improve
every time I drive the truck. I have no clue as to tell you what place I will get, all I want to do is, like
I said, improve every time I’m out there. Learn, watch all the other great drivers, spend time with
the fans and have a damn good time.

TORC: Sage advice for any new driver no doubt. Lastly, if RJ starts in with the trash talk ... do you
point to the record books and your nine wins at RedBud (7 250 class, 2 125s) to RJ's four RedBud wins?

RC: RJ?? RJ who??? Haha, It’ll be pretty easy for him to talk trash on me with how accomplished he is
in off road racing so I can take it.

For more information on Ricky Carmichael, hit up his website at:
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